Pellet Smoker 5x8 Pel304 Apple Bbq Smoke Produce Cold Light Found Them Useful

Pellet Smoker 5x8 Pel304 Apple Bbq Smoke Produce Cold Light Found Them Useful
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Pellet smoker 5x8 pel304 apple bbq smoke produce cold light found them useful main features 5 x 8 size makes it easy to use with almost any grill! Produces smoke for up to 11 hours on 15 oz of a-maze-n-pellets. Includes 1 free lb.

Of traeger apple bbq pellets made from 100% hardwood contains no fillers and no additives produces very little ash more information a-maze-n-smokers(amns) are light weight, durable and portable smoke generators, that produce great quality smoke for cold and hot smoking. They are versatile enough to be used in just about any smoker or a grill. The original a-maze-n-smokers were designed to burn sawdust for cold smoking, but customers quickly found them useful at higher temps.

The pel304 apple barbeque pellets from traeger are made from 100-percent hardwood. Contains no fillers and no additives. Produces very little ash.

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