Meowlingual Cat Translation Device - Pet Communication Gadget, From Japan

Meowlingual Cat Translation Device - Pet Communication Gadget, From Japan
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Original List Price: $239.00
Brand : Takara Tomy
Model : Meowlingual Cat Translation Device
If the customer hasany questions regarding the applicability of tax or import duty on any purchasefrom the shop, the customer should contact the appropriate local customs officebefore placing an order. The shop will not declare that any purchased productsare a gift or have a lower value than the retail takara tomy's bowlingual, the dog translator device, the meowlingual will apparently help you decode what your cat is telling you. It can analyze the expression on your feline friend's furry face and categorize it into six different moods.

The gadget also translates around 200 words in cat chat. It can even interpret 21 kinds of emotions based on your cats gestures and behavior, and offers 85 types of health checks.the meowlingual features:colors: pink, black, whitesize: 74 x 130 x 36mm (2.9 x 5.1 x 1.4)display/translation: japanesepower: aa batteries x 2 (not included)instructions: japanese by clicking the buy it now button, you indicate that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions.japantrendsterms and conditionsthank you for visiting our shop. Octo trade co., ltd.

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