Illustration (illustration) No. 09 May 2011 [magazine] Magazine - 2011/7/27 [all

Illustration (illustration) No. 09 May 2011 [magazine] Magazine - 2011/7/27 [all
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Illustration (illustration) no. 09 may 2011 [magazine] magazine - 2011/7/27 [all-out feature picture book 2011] large feature all 70 pages of this issue is a picture book! Writer of all 37 people appeared to be active at home and abroad.

◎ Overseas writer ◎ all with original interview ◆ shaun tan australia resident. The author of the text with no picture book arrival. It solves string the creation of a secret through the vast rough sketches and valuable interview of the person of the same book.

◆ Yokkumu node strike ume contemporary artist to represent sweden. Picture book sailor and pekka series is popular in japan. It will introduce together works and collage work of the same series.

◆ Roberto innocenti italian resident of the picture book writer. Hit also was responsible for the painting a hundred years of house is japan. Attitude to the production, the japanese told hotly about things, valuable long interview of about 1 million characters is a must-read!

Up-and-coming japanese attention to women writers 3 people. Along with the original and character birth secret story of each of the production, the interview also will introduce. It appeared writer: ayano imai chappyi of the house, kutsuyanoneko, to morino okunoochakai akiko miyakoshi your room of field (september will be published), nami adachi bear school series, rin properly aokun ◆ kako foster child draws great wall riko's is envisioned 30 years kako, it introduces the epic picture book great wall that was over 5 years in production.

In person interview, says the think for the reasons and picture book that has led to the production of this book. How to draw draw a character, special edition: kudo noriko, or was meihatake this time, introduce the two of how to draw! We will introduce two people working as a picture book writer of the character of how to draw the tips.

◆ Picture book author 28 people questionnaire my first picture book. It was conducted a questionnaire to 28 people the creators of various genres with a picture book published experienced before. It is on page 7 of the episode is packed surrounding for the first time of the picture book.

◆ Absolutely want to be a picture book writer :! Picture book editor / akira ono doi akirashi talk presided over the school, is the number of professional picture book writer debut akira ono boosted and doi akirashi's talk. This person must-see content that aims to picture book writer.

Yang eva svankmajer introduction to center the exhibition representative works in the magazine. Special interview of jan Švankmajer also will be posted. [New series] · anything select creators 3 selector: michihiko yanai, yusuke nakamura, takayuki terakado, doi akirashi, noriko nagasaki, illustration editing unit • this gem:!

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