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Don’t just identify your top competitors—see their top performing eBay products, all in one place. Inventory Ideas makes it easy to find new, high-performing inventory in your sales niche.

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Identify the top competition in your niche.

Find your products using Terapeak Research to see how much competition exists for your products and how much of the market in each case is controlled by a product’s top ten eBay sellers.

Find the products driving sales for its top sellers.

With one click, identify the top performing products being sold by top competitors. Study sales rates, average pricing, and shipping details for each product to evaluate them for your own inventory.

Understand the competitive landscape for every candidate.

Research the competition levels for each product that you find—so that you know not just how big the market is, what your margins will be, and how to stay competitive on shipping—but also how many sellers you’ll be competing against, how much of the market they control, and which listing strategies work best.

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Nadia Shuaib
“We use Terapeak to see what is going on in the marketplace and to see what the competition is doing that we aren’t.”
Nadia Shuaib, Budget Electronics

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