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Get access to 365 days of real-world sales data for eBay goods, along with sourcing and research for Alibaba products. Analyze markets, categories, sellers, hot trends, and products to find the best selling items on eBay—then source them seamlessly at wholesale prices.

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Find the best-selling items on eBay.
Then profit.

Spot profit and sourcing opportunities that are invisible to others and act on the real prices, trends, competitors, and categories that affect your eBay and Amazon sales every day.

Find the best-selling items on eBay and eBay hot items for 2015!
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Make data-driven sourcing decisions.

Search Alibaba directly for wholesale products—then evaluate their sales and profit potential using real-world supply, demand, and pricing data. Pick winners with confidence, rather than guesswork—and source them with a click.

Leverage big data—
with simple workflows.

Rely on easy-to use search and charting tools to understand marketplace conditions and the best sellers on eBay, both now and over the past year. See...

  • Sales rates
  • Product pricing
  • Category trends
  • Competitor volume and rankings
  • Top keywords
  • Shopper interests
  • Wholesale product performance

...all at your fingertips.

Spot trends that others miss.

Identify opportunities that other sellers miss using Terapeak’s dynamic category charts, which show you the best categories to sell on eBay over the past two years.

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Get key insider advantages.

Outflank competitors by studying listing details long gone from eBay—and by knowing how many sell what you sell, at what prices, and with what sales volumes.

Study the competition

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Billions of listings. A year of eBay activity. Alibaba sourcing and research.

Current listings are only part of the story.

Terapeak gives you the whole story—365 days of detailed eBay activity, your own eBay and Amazon analytics, and in-depth research on millions of wholesale products and suppliers around the globe. Get Terapeak and generate new opportunities for your eBay, Amazon, or e-commerce business.

365 Days of Amazon and Global eBay Data

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Simple, automatic sales reporting and analysis,
from the selling dashboard tool with you at its core.

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