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Find new products to sell.

I want to search eBayfor products within All Categoriescontaining the words:

iPhone camera lens  |


Search through tens of thousands of trending products in the Terapeak Hotlist, the wholesale inventory on, or the past 30 days of eBay activity to find products that sell—and sources for inventory.

Recognize winners with a glance.

Identify top selling products using clear numbers like average prices and sales rates—then save the best for more detailed work.

Analyze Price & Demand  

Project your profits
with sales breakdowns and detailed goals.

Use data about the products you save to understand how the prices you’ll set relate to the sales you’ll make.

My goal is to sell 1,000   items for $427   per item

Then visualize outcomes clearly.









Use your own product costs and sourcing plans to outline the margins and profits that you expect to achieve.

Keep all of your planning in one place.

Tie notes to Terapeak data and to your projections. Track your research, sourcing history, strategies, and outcomes.

Link Terapeak sales data...

Price Range Average Price Items Sold Total Revenue # of Sellers
$0.01 - $87.51 $7.08 7341 $52k 3683
$87.51 - $175 $119.36 19 $2.27k 28
$175 - $262.50 $213.29 5 $1.07k 24 plans, decisions, and activities.


7/16 -- Sourced qty. 230 on @$1.31/ea. Deliver logo file by Wednesday. Excellent supplier, easy to work with!

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