Increase Spring and Summer Conversions by Being Clear About Size

By Aron Hsiao  on April 06, 2017

From swimsuits to suitcases to backyard tools and toys, the spring and summer months are a season in which size matters for shoppers. Here are some steps that you can take to increase your conversion rates amongst size-conscious shoppers:

Clothing sizes in particular can be undescriptive, calling for seller measures. (Image: © Teodororoianu / Dreamstime)
  • Don't rely on manufacturer sizing; do your own accurate measurements. Manufacturer sizing can be misleading or even inaccurate. Shoppers know this from experience, and it can be a definite friction point on the road to conversion. Do your own measurements and provide details about dimensions and sizes.

  • Use your listing photos strategically to show size. Stand a sample item next to a yardstick or a commonplace comparison item in your photos. If possible, include multiple photos that show a yardstick measuring your item in multiple dimensions, so that buyers can see its dimensions and nuances with their own eyes. Spell out that your listing images are a part of the item description and show sizes clearly.

  • Be descriptive and commonplace about sizing. Think like a buyer trying to incorporate your item into their everyday life. In what common ways or situations might they encounter trouble? Don't be afraid to include details like "tighter than normal through the seat and thighs" or "when assembled, will not fit inside most garden sheds" or "thin enough to easily slide under most beds" into your description. This helps buyers to understand size more intuitively.

  • Be explicit about your returns and exchange policy. Decide in advance whether you'll accept returns for reasons related to size, fit, and dimension, and whether you'll offer refunds or exchanges if or when such returns occur. Being explicit about policies related to size concerns helps you to avoid buyer remorse situations that might upset you as a seller. It can also help on-the-fence shoppers to feel secure about pulling the trigger and making a purchase.

  • Don't haggle over sizing returns. If you have not clearly stated that you do not accept returns for reasons related to size and dimension, accept returns graciously. Provide a smooth experience for your shopper so that they're more likely to return and buy the right sizes from you—now and in the future.

Sizing is one of the great headaches of e-commerce—there's no substitute for seeing a product with one's own eyes before buying. By following these tips, however, you can minimize the extent to which sizing becomes a great headache for your business in particular—and you can generate higher conversion rates and more satisfied shoppers while you're at it!

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