Eight Tips for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Sales

By Aron Hsiao  on April 25, 2017

Mother's Day is one of the top consumer spending holidays of the year in the United States, and Father's day is no slouch either.

But what if you didn't have a particular Mother's Day plan in your business this year? What if you sell in categories that aren't associated with traditional Mother's Day or Father's Day products? Is there anything you can do to leverage these holidays and gain a few extra sales? Sure there is. Here are eight tips to help you to do just that.

A decade or two ago, this may not have been seen as a Mother's Day gift, much less a Father's Day gift. But today? You bet. (Images: © photographyfirm / Fotolia)
  • Pair products into his/hers gift sets. With Mother's Day and Father's Day so close together, shoppers often buy for both halves of a couple at once, particularly when the products "match" in some way (i.e. men's and women's versions of the same item). If you have products that pair off in this way, list them together as a bundle for gift-givers at a slight discount.

  • Think outside the traditional gender box. The rules about what to give men and women are far less rigid than they used to be. Women are wearing full-sized stainless steel watches and men are enjoying doing gourmet cooking kitchens they outfitted themselves. So don't be shy about adding mom and dad themes to a wide variety of product listings, even if the products in question cross traditional gender lines.

  • Remember that moms and dads are increasingly shopping for themselves. Moms and dads shopping for their own gifts is a growing trend, so for personal care and luxury items, consider the "indulge yourself" approach—market directly to women and men with a "you deserve it" narrative and a lifestyle angle in product photos.

  • Target every age group. Both Mother's Day and Father's Day have become about a wide variety of relationships. People are shopping for all of the women and men in their lives—aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons, nieces and nephews—not to mention grandparents. Once again it turns out that a much wider variety of products can be marketed for these holidays than used to be the case; they're not just about flowers and neckties any longer.

  • Create new categories in your store. While everyone knows they're supposed to give gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day, these are often some of the most difficult holiday shopping choices of the year. Help your shoppers out by creating categories in your store that function as gift guides and one-stop shopping centers—one for Mother's Day and one for Father's Day.

    Mother's Day and Father's Day are prime time to pick up your social media marketing game; these are the holidays social media was made for.
  • Expand your shipping options. Though they've grown in importance, these still tend to be tricky holidays for many to remember—until it's nearly too late. Even if you don't normally offer express shipping options, doing so for an extra fee around this time of year—and promoting these options in your listings—can result in additional last-minute sales.

  • Add relevant keywords to your titles. Don't forget that many shoppers are actively searching for Mother's Day and Father's Day gift ideas right now and are looking for someone to help them out. That someone can be you if you add add keywords like "For Moms," "Mother's Day," "For Dads," or "Father's Day" to your listing titles.

  • Pick up your social marketing game. If you have a mailing list, Facebook page, set of Pinterest boards, or other marketing platforms with an audience of loyal shoppers, make use of them now. Mother's Day and Father's Day are amongst the most amenable holidays to this kind of marketing. Build a story or a theme about this year's gift suggestions and tell this story clearly and persuasively while leading shoppers back to your listings.

Yes, time is running short for Mother's Day this year, but Father's Day is over a month out and there's still time to increase your haul for both holidays. Keep the tips above in mind and move your feet and you'll make the most of these two fun—and meaningful—holidays this year.

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