Tiger Shot a Hole in One for Nike Sales

Victoria, BC - April 15, 2005 – Ever since Tiger Woods' incredible chip shot on the 16th hole at this year's Masters teetered on the lip of the cup for what seemed like an eternity - with the Nike 'swoosh' on his ball clearly visible - and then dropped in the hole for a birdie, everyone has been asking what that unbelievable shot will do for sales of Nike Golf Equipment. Real-time eBay sales data from Terapeak has the answer to this question.

"Everyone was talking about that shot," says Chris Smith, Director of Business Development for Terapeak. "We knew there was going to be some interesting reaction in the marketplace and it's been exciting to watch it unfold."

Terapeak analyzed eBay sales figures for the top golf ball brands over the past year. The eBay market for golf balls has typically been dominated by industry heavyweights like Titleist and Callaway. Although Callaway and Titleist sales have remained stable, Nike golf ball sales have increased 200% over this time last year.

A look at the relative market share for the three golf ball makers shows Nike overtaking Callaway just after the Masters Tournament. Nike sales continue to move upwards, with the bulk of the golf season still to come.

Chris Mike, Nike's Director of Marketing, is impressed with Terapeak's ability to deliver real-time data almost instantaneously. "We knew that this shot was an unbelievable opportunity for Nike. What's new and exciting is to be able to get reliable data measuring the impact of this opportunity in the marketplace. Thanks to Terapeak, we already have detailed data that shows us that people were watching and that they responded by buying a lot more Nike golf balls."

"The eBay platform accounted for 24% of all e-commerce activity in 2004 and is a significant leading indicator in a lot of the latest consumer trends," says Anthony Sukow, CEO of Terapeak, "We provide companies with a way to understand consumer habits and buying activity as events are unfolding. It is incredibly powerful knowledge."

Chris Mike agrees, "It is incredibly valuable to see some accurate, real-time data that corroborates what the Masters win is doing for Nike golf balls and other golf equipment. It's going to get even better as we carry this momentum into the summer season."