Terapeak's Listing Analytics App Upgraded With New Dashboard to Help eBay Sellers Increase Sales

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIATerapeak, a leading source for analyzing, understanding and predicting consumer and product behavior in ecommerce, today announced a major upgrade to its free eBay Listing Analytics tool that now gives sellers a top-down view of their sales performance from a single dashboard housed in eBay's 3rd party Applications tab.  Since introducing Listing Analytics four years ago, it has become the #1 free app in the eBay app store with more than 2.5 million users.  Its new dashboard for eBay sellers, also built and powered by Terapeak, provides immediate insights into a seller's listing performance over specified time periods. Sellers can analyze web traffic and sales performance by category, marketplace and revenue, as well as isolate individual listings, allowing them to identify the best opportunities to grow their sales.

Listing Analytics users can now visually track their traffic and sales trends with a graphical overview of total impressions, clicks, sales and daily selling price for all eBay marketplaces in which they participate. The dashboard also displays the increase or decrease in sales and revenue over selected time periods, the percentage of impressions that led to clicks, and the percentage of clicks that converted to sales.

From this summary view, sellers can drill down using any variable or date range to explore the underlying details, compare listings or sales results over time, and identify the causes of performance changes in any area. Individual listings in each category can be sorted by factors ranging from the number of impressions, clicks or sales to price and other listing attributes to facilitate analysis.

Users also have the option to optimize any listing with a paid service that can be accessed with a click from each individual listing. The service will instantly identify changes that should be made to the listing category, title, description, image, price or other elements, based on analytics that dissect eBay traffic and transaction patterns, and automatically update the listing upon receiving seller approval.  With this feature, sellers can analyze their web traffic, assess their marketplace performance, and both improve and update their listings with a single integrated tool.

"Terapeak has been working with eBay for over 10 years, and we believe that it's still the best marketplace in the world for new merchants entering e-commerce," said Kevin North, CEO of Terapeak, which was the first authorized analytics provider of eBay market data. "We invested heavily into our Listing Analytics product because merchants who have access to critical performance dashboards will understand how to better navigate eBay, make better decisions, and ultimately improve their sales.  With its ability to now aggregate multiple performance metrics, the new dashboard promises to be an indispensable free tool for every seller."

To try the new Listing Analytics tool, visit: http://tinyurl.com/qfflex3

About Terapeak

Terapeak is the leading source for analyzing, understanding and predicting consumer and product behavior in ecommerce. Terapeak analyzes more than 4.6 billion transactions per year and over $70 billion in online consumer spending to provide marketplace intelligence to clients ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.  Ecommerce merchants use Terapeak's online analytics platform to evaluate pricing, sourcing opportunities, market trends, product behavior across regions and their competition.  Terapeak provides marketplace analytics on eBay, Amazon.com and Yahoo! Japan, and merchants can view their own sales performance across multiple channels through Terapeak's MySales product. Founded in 2004, Terapeak's U.S. headquarters are in Palo Alto, CA. Learn more at http://www.terapeak.com.