Terapeak Releases Free Version of MySales Ecommerce Intelligence Tool

Palo Alto, CA - Dec. 16, 2013 -- Terapeak today announced that MySales, the multichannel ecommerce intelligence tool for online retailers, is now available as a free product. Merchants who sell on eBay, Amazon and Magento will be able to view all their sales data in one dashboard and compare their data against market trends. Enhanced with new features, data and insights, MySales gives online merchants the competitive edge to acquire new customers, boost margins and grow revenue.

With MySales, online retailers can connect sales data from eBay, Amazon and Magento into one complete view of their online business. For product listings, merchants can analyze revenue, volume sold, average price and sales trends. The free version also allows merchants to view characteristics such as average price, maximum price, minimum price and total listings for up to five products. To conduct marketplace analysis on more products, retailers can upgrade to a premium version of MySales.

"For online retailers that are determined to understand their competitive landscape and make choices that expand their business, big data analytics are indispensable," said Kevin North, President and CEO of Terapeak. "By making MySales free, we're raising the baseline of ecommerce intelligence for every online retailer."

The updated MySales platform will include four important new features:

  • eBay Traffic Data – Retailers can now view traffic data including clicks, impressions and eBay search result rankings for each listing
  • Multicurrency and language support – Merchants can now view sales data in any currency. In addition to English, MySales is now available in German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Terapeak "Hot List" – Shows MySales merchants what products are selling best on eBay
  • Insights Widget – Delivers real time alerts about a merchant's business
  • Terapeak for Amazon.com has also been updated with two new marketplace intelligence tools. For the first time ever, merchants can now research how a product's historic rating and sales rank have changed over a six-month window. The History tool even shows the number of sellers and offers for a given product to indicate the degree of competition. Second, Terapeak will now show the price listed in Amazon's "buy box" and indicate which merchant owns the box. This will allow Terapeak merchants to beat the buy box and win over price-conscious consumers.

"Our goal is to continually expand visibility into ecommerce and allow merchants to make powerful comparisons between market trends and their own sales data," said North. "With these improvements to MySales and Terapeak for Amazon.com, we've made our analytics more accessible and more actionable than ever before."

To learn more about MySales and the updates to Terapeak for Amazon.com, visit http://www.terapeak.com

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