Terapeak - Market Research for eBay Sellers Launches Companion Android Application

Palo Alto, CA - Nov 26, 2012 – Terapeak, the market leading provider of e-commerce research and analytics solutions, today announced the launch of their companion Android application, a mobile pricing and demand research tool for online merchants. The app can be downloaded for free at the Google Play store and works with any paid Terapeak subscription.

Entrepreneurs who require easier and faster access to market intelligence will benefit immediately from Terapeak’s Android specific application. The app serves its target audience by displaying 90 days of eBay closed listing data, along with average pricing, sell-through rate information and extensive picture references. Mobile users can access information at the touch of a fingertip enabling them to act quickly on limited time transactions like estate sales and pallet and bulk deals at suppliers. Having a real-time view of the market and being able to compare and monitor performance saves time and money, and removes the risk of buying “dud” or “dead” inventory. The Terapeak Android application is a direct link between buyers and sellers, delivering dynamic information for online merchants on the go.

eBay itself offers mobile applications that allow sellers to list and sell products from their Android device. The addition of Terapeak research means that sellers will now be able to manage their entire business in the palm of their hand.

“For years Terapeak users have enjoyed the ability to receive real-time information on our iPhone app, giving them a better chance to compete in the marketplace,” said Kevin North, President and CEO, Terapeak. “Now, with the growing popularity of Android devices, we responded to this new demand and satisfied one of the most popular requests from our customers. As we invest more into Terapeak’s mobile technologies, we will continually strive to exceed their requirements and expectations.”

About Terapeak

Terapeak is a leader in e-commerce market research and payment analytics, and sole authorized global re-licensor of eBay data. Terapeak provides custom insights and SaaS technology-enabled solutions, and currently aggregates over 20% of all e-commerce sales data. www.terapeak.com, Find the Android application at https://play.google.com/store/search?q=terapeak.