Terapeak Launches Powerful E-Commerce Research Tool for Yahoo! JAPAN

Victoria, BC - January 9, 2012 – Leveraging rich analytics capabilities honed over the past decade via their flagship product Terapeak for eBay, Terapeak has released a new research tool for Yahoo! JAPAN Auctions. Terapeak for Yahoo! JAPAN was specifically developed for sellers on the Yahoo! JAPAN Auction platform. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool broadens Terapeak’s available transactional dataset, and extends Terapeak’s reach to hundreds of thousands of sellers who list on the Yahoo! JAPAN online marketplace.

In July 2011, Terapeak first announced a strategic alliance with Yahoo! JAPAN – the largest e-commerce marketplace and search engine in Japan. This new application marks the evolution of Terapeak as a world-class e-commerce applications provider, and demonstrates the company’s ability to onboard very large data sets in a short period of time.

“Terapeak for Yahoo! JAPAN will provide unparalleled marketplace research and e-commerce data analytics capabilities to e-commerce merchants,” said Colin How, President of Terapeak. “With over $200 billion dollars’ worth of transaction data Terapeak continues to provide the competitive advantage to merchants worldwide”

“Yahoo! JAPAN is happy to announce the launch of Terapeak for Yahoo! JAPAN,” added Manubu Miyasaka, Executive Officer and Chief Senior Director of Consumer Business at Yahoo! JAPAN. “This feature-rich market analysis tool is the result of our strategic alliance with Terapeak, which was formed in July 2011, and will help Yahoo! Auction sellers improve their auction management, analysis, and sales.”

Yahoo! JAPAN is the number one ranked site in Japan and is a leader in the e-commerce world with over 670,000 sellers on its growing Yahoo! JAPAN Auctions site. In March alone over 21.74 million items were listed for sale on Yahoo! Auction. Terapeak for Yahoo! JAPAN provides pricing research, competitive analysis, product sales trend reports, and many other metrics based on Yahoo! Auction listings. Sellers are able to use Terapeak data to then perform profitability analysis on any product they wish to sell, find and monitor similar sellers, and identify new or trending products to add to their online inventory