Terapeak launches iPhone application, gives free to North American subscribers

Victoria, BC - October 26, 2009 – Terapeak Marketplace Research, powered by AERS, today announced the launch of an iPhone application that allows users to conduct eBay market research on the go. Available free as part of all North American Terapeak subscriptions, the application will see users simply key their search term(s) into one screen, and with one click access item-specific data based on 45 days of closed eBay listings.

A valuable asset to both professional and non-professional eBay sellers, the Terapeak iPhone app allows users to see average prices, listing totals and sell-through rates for each search. Results are viewable and sortable by end price, start price and number of bids, and can be filtered by category, minimum end price and maximum end price. The application is the first and only eBay market research tool available to iPhone users, and is being launched as a holiday gift to all North American subscribers of Terapeak Marketplace Research.

“The iPhone platform has reshaped the face of business, and we’re excited to reward our users with this exciting new tool,” says AERS/Terapeak CEO Fred Speckeen. “eBay, especially, is a massive liquid market, where consumer appetites change more rapidly than anywhere else. Sellers need to be able to run their businesses in real time, based on real data, and that’s a field Terapeak has been specializing in for years. Our research shows that Terapeak users enjoy significantly higher profits than non-Terapeak users, and now, with this iPhone app, that advantage has been mobilized. Terapeak is in the hands of subscribers anytime, anywhere: at garage sales, trade shows, thrift stores, wherever. And these million-dollar opportunities exist each and every day.”