Terapeak Launches Free Market Research Service for eBay Sellers

Victoria, BC - June 14, 2007 – Terapeak.com, an industry leader for eBay market research, today announced a free eBay research package, which offers members complete reports on keywords or products, including information on the best times to sell, pricing, listing formats and features that maximize sales, and keyword and title recommendations to help online auction sellers increase profits for their businesses. "With the increasing costs and competition of selling online, we want to help the eBay community by offering this incredibly valuable service free of charge," says Anthony Sukow, Terapeak CEO.

Terapeak's new free service includes the Terapeak Title Builder, which gives users real-time feedback and suggestions on which keywords will help maximize sales. The 55 characters in an eBay title make up a valuable piece of real estate on eBay and the Terapeak Title Builder helps make the most of it.

In addition to the free eBay market research software announced today, Terapeak.com offers advanced research tools to help eBay sellers find the hottest products, research their competition, and analyze sales around the world for up to two years back. Terapeak.com's Advantage Service provides analysis on sales on eBay in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, Germany and France, as well as eBay Motors Parts & Accessories. More than 10,000 sellers have taken advantage of Terapeak's research services to date. "No other eBay statistics tool gives such a streamlined, concise and rich set of info for the eBay marketplace," says ImagineThisSold, Terapeak Advantage customer.