Terapeak Announces Access to First Ever eBay Research API of over 300 million eBay listings

Victoria, BC - January 30, 2006 - Terapeak, an eBay marketplace research pioneer, is announcing the official launch of an advanced eBay closed listing "Research API" that can be used to analyze over 300 million closed listings on the eBay.com platform.

The Terapeak Research API has been created to allow developers to build on Terapeak's extensive research and analysis of eBay data. Over the past two years Terapeak has honed their analysis of eBay data for their eBay research tool on www.terapeak.com. Terapeak is now enabling third party users to implement eBay statistics and research into their websites and software applications.

Terapeak's Research API provides access to a variety of Terapeak research on eBay sales statistics including, but not limited to:

  • Totals - including sales, listings, and bids
  • Average price for the past 1 - 3 months
  • Success Rate - successful and unsuccessful listings
  • Listing Feature Breakdown/efficiency
  • Pricing - Highest, most frequent, lowest
  • Listing Type (i.e. - Bid Auction, Multiple Item, etc.)
  • Hourly Analysis - sell-through rate, average price
  • Listing Durations
  • Sample Listin

The Terapeak Research API contains the most in-depth analysis of eBay data available. API users are able to search 33 of the main categories on eBay, as well as all of the sub-categories contained within. This gives users access to every sale and listing on eBay over the past three months (excluding eBay Motors and Real Estate).

The data is provided in a standard xml (extensible markup language) format which allows developers to interact easily with the API. Terapeak has structured their API to allow clients to quickly integrate eBay research into their websites and applications.

Dave Cotter, CEO of listing management company Mpire states, "We were able to incorporate research into our auction management service in just three months. With Terapeak's rich research and analytics, we were able to focus on delivering a breakthrough new service to our customers instead of worrying about the data itself."

Terapeak CEO Anthony Sukow is excited about how their API can be used to help enhance the eBay community. He explains, "The Terapeak Research API provides clients with the broadest coverage of eBay data available with no maintenance, monitoring or additional analysis needed. The API is another channel we are using to enhance the eBay community through quality research."

With a reputation for providing reliable in-depth analysis, Terapeak is the leader in eBay market research. More information regarding the API is available from Terapeak's website at .