Terapeak 9.0 new release takes sellers into account improved workflow makes research easier

San Francisco, CA - January 19, 2012 – Terapeak announces a new version of SaaS-based (Software as a Service) data research, Terapeak for eBay 9.0. This is the latest iteration of the company’s flagship product, which provides eBay marketplace research to online merchants, and helps them to increase profits through the use of data insights.

Terapeak for eBay 9.0 offers additional features through a cleaner, more intuitive interface. This version was specifically developed to enhance the user experience and provide more meaningful data results: User Experience Streamlined user interface enables more intuitive searches Integrated help – now offered within the tool – generates more meaningful results Seller-influenced navigation provides a more user-friendly experience, allowing users to generate relevant results, faster Functionality The new Item Aspects filter returns better matches to include more data than in previous releases, generating more results with higher accuracy The Item Specifics feature allows more specific searches, now including searches for new, used, refurbished, and unknown items for all categories Redesigned features allow for a more effective user interface, resulting in faster, more accurate data generation

“Terapeak for eBay 9.0 provides our users with a dramatically enhanced tool that focuses on better functionality – to let eBay merchants spend more time selling and less time on research”, says Colin How, Terapeak’s President. “This version allows for more specific results through a friendlier interface. These powerful enhancements will undoubtedly help merchants get the edge over their competition.”