Kobe Dominating NBA and eBay: 81 Points Double Kobe\‘s Worth Online, According to Research by Terape

Victoria, BC - February 10, 2006 – Kobe Bryant, the star of the Los Angeles Lakers has been putting up unprecedented numbers on the basketball court this year, but even more amazing are his eBay statistics. On Sunday January 22nd, Kobe did the impossible and scored 81 points in a single game versus the Toronto Raptors. That same day sales on eBay for Kobe Bryant jumped by 33% over the previous day, by Monday sales were 40% higher than before his 81 point game. Terapeak, an eBay market research firm has analyzed the staggering effects that Kobe's 81 point game has had on eBay sales.

Sales for listings with "Kobe Bryant" in the title for the week after the infamous 81 point game were 2.3 times bigger than the week prior (see below). From January 22nd-28th total sales equaled $110,000 compared to $47,000 for the week before his huge game. Two weeks after the big game the numbers were still amazing, with sales totaling $108,000 between January 29th and February 4th.

The effect of Kobe's big game on eBay sellers has been huge. His rate of sale has increased from 9 sales per hour prior, to over 25 per hour one week after the big game. This number is staggering when compared to his arch nemesis Shaquille O'Neal's rate of 5 sales per hour. During this same week bids were placed on Kobe Bryant merchandise at a rate of 1.5 per minute.

The categories that experienced the highest number of listings included Rookie Cards from Kobe's rookie season, followed by LA Lakers jerseys. Kobe's huge game also had a positive effect on the success rate of Kobe Bryant auctions. It jumped from 54% the week prior, to 68% the week after, a difference of 14%.

So what effect did Kobe's 81 point game have on his opponent the Toronto Raptors? Well in addition to losing the game, their eBay sales were dismal (see below). EBay auctions in the week following the game for the Toronto Raptors had a 60% decrease in total sales from $15,317 to $6,388. The average price decreased by 44% from $88 to $50. Raptor fans also stopped buying team merchandise in droves as there were 50% less bids than the week before.

Terapeak Marketplace Research has developed the most advanced research tool for analyzing eBay consumer transaction data. With over 1.8 Billion transactions in 2005, eBay is the most reliable consumer activity index in the world.