Harley-Davidson Proving its Popularity on eBay

Victoria, BC - October 25, 2006 – Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, considered to be traditionalist in the motorcycle world, have proven that they are not afraid to shed traditional sales channels, in favor of doing business online. In the past year, sales for Harley-Davidson merchandise on eBay have topped $30,000,000 for parts and accessories alone, according to research by Terapeak (www.terapeak.com).

Over the past century Harley-Davidson has established itself as the most well-known motorcycle brand on the planet, with one of the most loyal customer bases of any brand. Their customers are strongly rooted in tradition as evident from statements in their motto, "We believe that cowboys had it right, we believe in rumbling engines and fuel tanks designed in 1936…" While Harley enthusiast may believe that fuel tanks from the thirties are ideal for their bikes, they opt for much newer technology when it comes to buying and selling their merchandise. Over the past year there have been over 2 million bids on Harley Davidson parts and accessories on eBay.

Harley-Davidson has also consistently been the top ranked search term on eBay's Pulse, which lists the top 10 search terms for every category on eBay. Additional research using Terapeak's eBay Motors Parts and Accessories Research Tool shows that February had the most sales for Harley-Davidson parts and accessories with over $2.9 million in total sales. Auction success was also at an yearly high in February with 54% of listings ending in a sale. With sales numbers like these it is clear that Harley-Davidson loyalists will not slow down, especially when it comes to buying and selling on eBay.