eBay Listing Analytics Tool for Online Sellers, Powered by Terapeak.com, Reaches Over 400,000 Signup

Victoria, BC - December 6, 2010 – Advanced Ecommerce Research Solutions (Advanced) today announced an evolution in their six year relationship with eBay as a leading provider of eBay analytics. Advanced, makers of the Terapeak for eBay Market Research tool, has applied its experience with very large data sets to create a new genre of seller tools. These tools enable sellers to visualize their sales funnel, track traffic, clicks, impressions, and other web data to understand customer conversion - specifically for their eBay listings. In addition, Advanced will create customized eBay branded tools for their sales platform, as well as APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) so that other developers may create new and innovative products based on eBay sales data. To date, over 30,000 North American eBay users and over 370,000 European users have signed up for the Listing Analytics tool. “Thanks to our work with eBay, ecommerce merchants have increasing access to sales information that makes ecommerce sellers as a group among the most sophisticated merchants in history. Terapeak’s continued growth is testimony to this fact, where tens of thousands of online merchants rely on us to provide up to date statistics on pricing, competitive moves, buyer trends, the most profitable listing methods, and the hottest categories,” Advanced CEO Fred Speckeen comments. “The addition of listing data to the daily analysis we provide on more than 10 million global eBay transactions will give eBay sellers even more insight to drive their business strategies and make more profitable decisions. We expect over 500,000 Listing Analytics users will be optimizing their listings using this exciting new tool by the end of February 2011.”

Retail marketers have long understood the value of tracking their sales funnel. With Terapeak’s new tools, sellers gain the ability to track their traffic and understand customer conversion based on both views and impressions. Terapeak is very pleased to announce the unique opportunity to provide further clarity to the online marketplace.