AERS to sponsor and participate in PayPal Innovate 2009 Developer Conference

Victoria, BC - October 26, 2009 – Advanced Ecommerce Research Systems Inc. (AERS) is proud to announce its sponsorship and participation at the PayPal Innovate 2009 Developer Conference in San Francisco on November 3-4, 2009.

“This is PayPal’s first developer conference, and it marks the unveiling of the PayPal Open Platform. AERS will be there, presenting in the sessions as well as introducing our first applications designed to support faster and more profitable decision making by PayPal merchants. The applications use a merchant’s own real-time transaction data.” says AERS CEO Fred Speckeen. “There’s tremendous value locked up in ecommerce transaction data, as AERS has shown and proven with tools and services that unlock that value. To date we’ve worked very successfully and exclusively with eBay transaction data. AERS is now moving to replicate this success with other ecommerce platforms and service providers, starting with PayPal. We’re looking forward to Innovate 2009 and will be providing more details on our new PayPal Merchant applications on November 3.”