AERS Sharpens Branding to E-commerce Focus

Victoria, BC - August 22, 2008 – Advanced Economic Research Systems (AERS), announced that it will change its name to Advanced E-Commerce Research Systems and, simultaneously, will retire its Dataunison brand. AERS, or 'Advanced', will be formally making these changes and launching the new corporate website on Friday, August 22nd, 2008.

"The new name reflects the value proposition of what we offer our clients - we provide our customers with competitive intelligence that's based on real-time e-commerce data." says Fred Speckeen, Advanced President and CEO. "This goes beyond simply counting the number of a certain company's mobile phones sold on a given day to illuminating the fact that that consumers are ready to pay 20% more for an unlocked version of that company's phone than they will for a locked one, and which consumer demographic is most likely to buy, and in what regions of a country you'll find the most buyers, and so-on. We take in data on millions of transactions daily from the world's largest e-commerce platform, process it using proprietary techniques, host it, mine it, and provide e-commerce analytics that span over 30 consumer product categories and that illuminate the behaviour of literally millions of consumers in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia and Canada."

"In further sharpening of our focus, AERS is also retiring the Dataunison brand. Now, all of our corporate-focused e-commerce analytics services will be found directly under the 'Advanced' umbrella. This leaves the company with a simplified brand structure and even clearer market message ( Our well-established and rapidly growing Terapeak brand ( will continue to be our eBay seller-facing service. "

Along with the new name, Advanced sports a new logo and a new website links will continue to live on the website and will redirect seamlessly.