AERS & DailySplice Announce Podcast Analytics Partnership

Victoria, BC March 11, 2009 – DailySplice Technologies Inc. and Advanced E-commerce Research Systems Inc. (AERS) are proud to announce a podcast analytics aggregation and intelligent ad targeting partnership that delivers privacy-respecting use-data and analytics to the new-media community, and real-time intelligent ad placement to advertisers.

Rian Bowden, CEO of DailySplice says: "We've been rolling out DailySplice across the new-media community for over a year now, and adding the richness of audio and video podcasting to numerous corporate partners. It's these corporate partners who are particularly interested in understanding what role podcasting plays for their users, also how podcasting use is changing over the entire industry, and who are interested in applying analytics to onsite advertising that is based on behavioral insights. We approached AERS in late 2008 to see if we could work together to leverage their expertise in data analytics in the new-media space to provide the analytics engines we need."

Fred Speckeen, CEO of AERS Inc. responds: "DailySplice is working in a rich area of new-media. We're excited to extend our analytics offering to a new-media pioneer like DailySplice. AERS will be an important analytics supplier and aggregator in the new media space, building on our leading position in e-commerce analytics today."