AERS, 500RPM partnership brings Terapeak to Japan

Victoria, BC - September 24, 2009 – Terapeak, the marketplace leader in eBay research, continues to grow globally. AERS is proud to announce a new partnership with 500RPM, a Japanese service provider for Japan-based eBay sellers. Known predominately for translation and eBay assistance solutions, 500RPM will soon provide a locally-translated Terapeak tool, along with a dedicated, Japan-based support team.

A big part of the AERS mandate has always been the importance of global brand representation, and Terapeak in particular has stressed the value of international markets. Now, with the introduction of “Terapeak Japan”, Terapeak is available locally in six countries: Canada, USA, France, Germany, China and Japan.

“We’re excited about teaming up with 500RPM,” says AERS CEO Fred Speckeen. “They’ve shown an ability to provide eBay sellers in Japan with a valuable set of services, which will now include Terapeak. The continued growth of ecommerce is a global phenomenon, and it represents an opportunity for our company to bring useful services and tools like Terapeak to a growing global community.”

The announcement complements a very international year for both AERS and Terapeak: in June, the company hosted its first international conference, while in July, founders Anthony and Andrew Sukow spoke at the G8 Young Business Summit in Stresa, Italy. Again, AERS is happy and proud to welcome 500RPM to the Terapeak team, and we look forward to sharing news from Terapeak Japan.