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Four Key Tips for Selling Hot, Trendy Products

February 22, 2017 in eBay Radio

We were recently asked by the Wall Street Journal to provide some data on sales for one of the hottest items last fall—Snap Spectacles for Snapchat users. The late-2016 Snap Spectacles trend took an increasingly common trajectory. Here's how to take advantage of these kinds of opportunities without leaving money on...
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Want to Profit? Check These Metrics When Sourcing Inventory

June 26, 2016 in How-To Articles

Tutorials for online selling tend to focus a lot on listing tactics and strategy—where to sell, how to present your products, when to list and in which categories, bundling items for better sales, and so on. When you're making sourcing decisions, having Terapeak data behind you is an indispensable advantage....
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Five Ways to Select More Profitable Drop Shipping Products

December 08, 2015 in Guests and Profiles

  Product selection will make or break any drop ship retailer. With thousands of potential suppliers and millions of products to choose from, how do you know which ones are the right ones for your audience? Let alone which ones will actually sell well enough that you’ll make a profit? Doba users and other drop...
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How to Research Your eBay Competitors In-Depth With Terapeak

October 26, 2015 in How-To Articles

Product searches and trend hunting are two of the most common tasks carried out by Terapeak for eBay users, but as any serious eBay seller knows, understanding the competition is at least as important to a business as studying demand, margins, or opportunities. Terapeak Professional offers sellers powerful tools to...
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Terapeak How-To: Five Data-Driven Ways to Make Your Listings More Profitable

April 05, 2014 in How-To Articles

There's a lot to be said for getting some basics right when it comes to creating eBay listings, but to be competitive in e-commerce, it's important to go beyond basics like presentation and detail. Every product sells to a particular audience, and every audience behaves differently. There's a lot of competition...
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Six Basic Tax Mistakes U.S. Sellers Should Avoid

March 18, 2014 in eBay/ecommerce News

For sellers based in the United States, it's tax crunch season once again. When it comes to talking about online selling, the topic of tax preparation is often lost in the noise, overshadowed by discussions about business models, sourcing practices, selling strategies, and other similar topics.   Independent...
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