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Concrete Last-Minute Steps for Increased Holiday Sales

November 15, 2017 in eBay Radio

With the weightiest portion of the holiday sales season about to begin, it's time to take concrete steps to maximize your results. Even if you're a smaller seller or have procrastinated this year on the holiday strategy front, here are three basic things you can do to improve your November and December outcomes....
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Gear Up for the Holidays by Thinking Beyond the Usual Shopping Days

October 17, 2017 in eBay Radio

This year, shopper surveys are finding what many sellers were already starting to suspect—Black Friday and Cyber Monday are beginning to lose their relevance. Both Accenture and Market Track have published data that suggests that shoppers are increasingly just not feeling it when it comes to waiting for the "big...
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Twelve Business-Saving Tips for Brand New Sellers

September 06, 2017 in eBay Radio

Getting started as an eBay seller can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of advice out there to help you begin, but much of it focuses on either strategy or on technology. As a result, how-to information for day-to-day struggles—particularly for sellers that handle their own inventory and do their own...
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Six Big-Picture Tips for Fourth Quarter Seasonal Sales

August 15, 2017 in eBay Radio

The fourth quarter of the calendar year is around the corner once again—and with it comes changes in strategy and product lineup for many sellers. Between back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the end-of-year holidays, the fourth quarter of the calendar year is a time when many sellers try out new products and...
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Five Tips for Great Back-to-School Sales

July 10, 2017 in eBay Radio

You may think that back-to-school season isn't for another month or so, but if last year's consumer data is anything to go by, shoppers are making back-to-school purchases already—and may have been doing so all summer. How can you get your listings or store into shape to take advantage of back-to-school sales...
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What to Do as a Seller When You Go on Vacation

June 12, 2017 in eBay Radio

The summer months are upon us in the northern hemisphere, and shoppers aren't the only people going on vacation—online sellers need a break sometimes, too! If you own and operate your own online selling business, however, this does raise questions about what to do with your business operations while you're out....
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