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Use Terapeak SEO for More Than Listing Titles

By Aron Hsiao  on May 21, 2018

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Terapeak SEO is the ideal tool for creating listing titles that perform well in eBay and Google search. The reasons for this are obvious: SEO uses data from actual top search results on both platforms to determine which keywords are currently leading to the best rankings for sellers of items like yours.

The uses of SEO, however, go beyond creating listing titles. Here are several other ways that you can put Terapeak SEO to work for you as you sell.

Creating Item Descriptions

SEO is designed to show you search terms, it's true, but because of the data that it uses and the way in which it presents suggestions, it's also an excellent guide to the kinds of information that you ought to present in your item description.

Consider this example:



Here we see keywords for storage capacity, screen size, processor manufacturer, and a variety of other features and specifications.

Once shoppers click on your listing, they're looking for more information—and as you use SEO, its provides a very useful roadmap of key concepts or specs that comprise just the information they're looking for.

Pay attention to the list of suggestions as you use SEO for each product; even when terms don't make it into your listing, you'll likely find things that ought to be bulleted or called out in your item description.

Organizing Your eBay Store

Depending on how specialized your eBay store is, SEO may also provide useful cues for how people think about and conceptualize the product(s) you sell.

Organizing your store by creating categories or subcategories is a good idea, and if you see particular kinds of keywords appearing over and over again (in the example above, think network or operating system for example), these may be useful indications that they ought to be store categories.

Finding Sourcing and Marketing Ideas

Seeing the keywords associated with top-ranking listings in the wild can also suggest which product variations you ought to be carrying.

If a particular size, color, or other variation on a product you carry is amongst the top results in SEO, this may be an indication that you ought to sell that variation if you don't already.

On the other hand, if most sellers of a particular kind of product are carrying one brand or one type of that product and you're the standout carrying another, you may have identified a key differentiator that you can play up when you market your goods to shoppers.

Data, Data, Data

SEO is a great tool not just becuase it helps you to build effective listing titles, but becuase it provides a wealth of data about what's on sale out there in the market, delivered in a way that isn't transaction-centric.

Make use of this data wisely and you can increase your sales conversion rate, find new ways to organize your shopper experience, and build and market your inventory in more effective ways than you have in the past.

Research a full year of online sales in detail for any product or keyword—average prices, competition levels, top listings, and more. Try Terapeak Research today!

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