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How to Sell on eBay if You Already Sell on Shopify

By Aron Hsiao  on April 16, 2018

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Many online sellers get their start on Shopify. If you've found this article, you may well be one of them. And if you've already mastered the arts of marketing, branding, inventory management, and sales, you're probably hungry for new ways to sell.

The eBay integration in your Shopify dashboard enables existing sellers to get up and running on eBay—and to reach its buying audience of hundreds of millions of shoppers—quickly and with minimal fuss.

Get Your Shopify Products on eBay

To set up the integration from within your Shopify account, follow these steps.

Log in to Shopify and find "Sales Channels" in the sidebar at the left of your screen.

Then, locate "eBay" in the pop-up dialog that appears and click the "Add" button on the right. You've now added eBay as a sales channel in your Shopify account.

Now connect your eBay seller account to Shopify (use this guide to create an eBay seller account if you don't already have one). Select "eBay" in your Shopify sidebar, then click "Connect" on the far-right of the page.

You'll be asked to confirm that you'd like to give eBay access to perform key tasks on Shopify for you. To agree, click "Add sales channel" to continue.

After giving eBay access to your Shopify store, you'll be asked to log in to your eBay seller account, then prompted to give Shopify access to perform tasks on eBay for you. These back-and-forth permissions enable eBay and Shopify to synchronize your listings, listing chances, inventory levels, and messages.

After granting permissions, you'll be asked to provide some key settings to act as defaults for your listings on eBay. Each of these encourages you to adopt eBay best practices like offering free shipping or 30-day returns.

Adopting the suggested settings are the best route to new sales, but you can also customize your settings if you need to do so. Step through these and complete each of them, then click "Continue."

Your Shopify account is now connected to eBay—but none of your listings are live on eBay yet. To make some products available for purchase on eBay, select either "Review and publish all products" (to publish all of your products to eBay) or "choose individual products" (to hand-select products that you'd like to list on eBay).

Don't worry—you'll still have a chance to fine-tune your listings before they go live!

Finally, review the list of the products that you've chosen to publish to eBay. Tweak things like the amount of inventory that you want to make available to eBay shoppers, the listing titles that you want to use (use Terapeak SEO for help), or the prices at which you'll sell (Terapeak Research can be useful here).

When you're done, click "Save and publish all products." Shopify will publish your listings—plus any changes that you've made to them—to eBay. You'll be notified of any difficulties, policy issues, or errors that emerge as your listings are published.

And you're done! In just a few clicks, you've become a multi-channel seller with hundreds of millions of new potential customers and an eBay inventory. Remember to check your eBay tab regularly for messages from eBay shoppers, and to consistently publish your newest Shopify products to eBay as well.

Moving Forward on eBay

As you can see, the eBay–Shopify integration is easy to use. You'll see your eBay orders and inventory changes reflected in your Shopify dashboard. For the most part, you'll be able to manage your eBay sales from within Shopify, keeping your day-to-day business operations in one place without worrying about mismatched inventory levels or other sticky problems.

As you continue to grow on both platforms, you'll see new opportunities for pricing, listing, and keyword optimization. It's important to keep optimizing—on eBay, your products are shown alongside those of your competitors. The better your prices, listings, and keywords, the more sales you'll make.

To differentiate yourself even further from other eBay sellers, open an eBay store. As a user of the eBay–Shopify integration, you'll have access to a special eBay Stores offer that provides you with a free Premium eBay store for three months. Included in the offer are 1,000 free listings, final value fee discounts, and Premium store promotional tools.

The Time is Now

If you've been toying with the idea of expanding your business beyond Shopify, reaching over 170 million eBay shoppers with a point-and-click tool is probably the best first step you can take.

This is especially true when world-class eBay analytics tools like Terapeak Research are available to help you make the most of the opportunity.

So what are you waiting for?

Research a full year of online sales in detail for any product or keyword—average prices, competition levels, top listings, and more. Try Terapeak Research today!

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