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How to Choose an eBay ID that Will Boost Your Sales

By Aron Hsiao  on April 09, 2018

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You're a shopper. You're looking for a $400 camera lens, and you've narrowed your choices down to two sellers with reasonable feedback scores.

  • One is called "joe2489" on eBay.
  • One is called "great-lenses-inc" on eBay.

Which one do you buy from?

If you're like most people, you choose the latter. Why? Because their eBay seller ID tells you that they're serious about their business, they specialize in the sorts of things that you're looking to buy, and they care about providing great service.

And if you like the outcome of the purchase and the time comes for your next purchase eight months down the road, which are you most likely to be able to find again? Once again, the answer is clear.

Choosing an Effective eBay Seller ID

If you're using a hastily chosen or default eBay seller ID, you're probably leaving at least some sales and some repeat business on the table.

So if you're serious about selling on eBay, now is the time to find a seller ID that you can hang your hat on. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind. A good eBay seller ID should be:

Your eBay seller ID is an important part of your eBay branding and marketing strategy. A properly chosen ID helps you to appear in web search, make sales, reassure potential customers, and drive repeat business.
  • Meaningful. An eBay seller ID is one more chance to communicate with shoppers—but IDs like "joe2489" don't have much to say. Treat your seller ID like the messaging opportunity that it is.

  • Relevant to your products. Matching your seller ID to the kinds of things that you sell tells your shoppers that your listings are your business, not afterthoughts, and not a sideline. You have expertise. You have other relevant products that they might like to see. You're trying to nurture a reputation, and a good one at that.

  • Evocative of your business name. If your invoices, boxes, and packaging materials are all stamped with "Tina's Tutus" but your eBay seller ID is "ballet-productions," you're missing a chance to reinforce your brand and introducing confusion and error. When shoppers go back to find more of your products, they'll be searching for what's on your packing slip—not an unrelated eBay ID.

  • Easy to remember and spell. Selling as "le-boutique-needlework" might sound very haute couture, but shoppers will fumble over it. Even if they manage to recall the words, they're going to struggle to spell it when they want to find you again. You're better off choosing simple, clear names like "arizona-needlework" or "the-needlework-company" instead.

  • Professional. For the most part, your eBay seller ID should elevate your business, not leave it looking crass or unserious. Think "jd-fine-jewelry" rather than "crazyjoes-gems." There are a few exceptions to this rule—for example, if you specialize in selling clown noses or gag gifts—but for the most part, you want your seller ID to say "Pro!" rather than "Weirdo!"

  • SEO-friendly. Remember that your seller ID is a part of the content on the listing page that will be evaluated for relevance by search engines. Here yet again is a reason to choose a seller ID that is connected to your business—and that is likely to perform well in search.

  • Unique. There are a lot of sellers on eBay, so it can feel like a win to score a basic word as your own, but some are so generic that they're not very different from "joe2489." Remember that you are making a claim about who you are and why shoppers should buy from you. So choose "the-measurement-warehouse" instead of "digital-calipers" and "hold-my-watch" instead of "watch-bands" when you select an ID.

  • Yours. You wouldn't appreciate it if another seller made use of your name, and neither do other companies. As you select your ID, ensure that you're not using someone else's brand or trademark ("coca-cola," or "ebay," or "panasonic") as a part of your own seller ID and marketing.

There are of course some other, more mundane guidelines about eBay seller IDs—minimum lengths, banned words, punctuation guidelines, and so on—that also constrain your choices. You can read more about the policies surrounding eBay seller IDs on eBay's username policy page.

Getting and Vetting Ideas with Terapeak

Whether you're stuck and struggling to come up with ideas or want to see whether a name similar to your idea is already in use, it's a good practice to use Terapeak to research the alternatives you're considering.

Log into Terapeak Research, find the top selling listings for some of your product(s), and view them to examine the names the sellers that will be your toughest competition.

Try to match the level of professionalism and general industry concepts that you see in competing seller IDs without selecting an ID that's similar to top competitors, who are likely to bristle at any confusion that you cause and who may end up inadvertently nabbing shoppers that were searching for you but found them instead.

Make the Change

Ready to select a better eBay ID that will help you to grow and sell more quickly? You can change your eBay seller ID by logging into eBay and visiting My eBay > Account > Personal Information > User ID or using this direct link to the change form.

One last caveat—after changing your eBay seller ID, it'll be marked for 30 days with an icon indicating that you've recently changed your identity on eBay.

This notification can spook shoppers that have been warned to avoid new sellers, so don't make the change during busy season. Wait until the off season or a typical lull. Then, make a well-thought-out change that will be a good investment in your future bottom line.

Research a full year of online sales in detail for any product or keyword—average prices, competition levels, top listings, and more. Try Terapeak Research today!

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