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You Might Need an eBay store and Not Know It

By Aron Hsiao  on February 20, 2018

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It's tough to be a new online seller. You've got to do your research, source products, get listings online, and drink from the e-commerce firehose.

As a result of this workload, sellers new to eBay often miss one of the most interesting services for business-building: eBay Stores.

Opening an eBay store can help you to stake out some real estate online, expand your sales, and develop a base of repeat customers. (Image © Serhii Stadnyk / Dreamstime)

eBay Stores is an eBay subscription service that offers:

  • An eBay storefront and a URL just for your eBay goods

  • An easier way for shoppers to remember and bookmark you

  • Better ways for shoppers to navigate your complete inventory

  • More visible, flexible ways to promote your listings

Let's take a quick look at some of the things that sellers say they'd like to do on eBay—often without realizing that they can do them with an eBay store.

Categories and a Dedicated Address

If you have more than a few products to sell and you hope to generate repeat or multiple purchase sales, sorting your products into categories that your particular shoppers will understand is a good thing.

Using an eBay store, you can organize your products into the categories that make sense to your shoppers.

In an eBay store, all of your goods can be found at a single, easy-to-remember and easy-to-bookmark web address. Just as importantly, however, you can sort your goods into categories for easy browsing and make them all accessible from your custom landing experience.

What does this mean in practice? It means that the shopper who wants to quickly find all of your men's diving wristwatches and only your men's diving wristwatches has a good first touch, and then can then find just what they want without trial and error in just a couple of clicks.

Promotions and Markdowns

You can totally run your own a sale without using an eBay store, but pitching your sale to shoppers using text in your listing title and description leaves something to be desired; the promotional value of your sale tends to get lost in the noise.

Driving volume by having a sale is far easier when the sale prince and markdown percentage are easily visible to shoppers.

With an eBay store, your sale is presented visually as markdown or pricing information, in the header area of your listing. This is more powerful than just including the words "SALE" or "LIMITED TIME ONLY" somewhere in your title and description. You're also able to easily manage and edit discounts efficiently, for time frames that you select, and in groups—rather than having to edit listings one at a time.

Stores also give you the ability to promote listings in eBay search engine result pages (SERPs). You offer eBay a bigger cut of your sale for listings that you choose to promote, and in return they appear more prominently in relevant results (along with the indication that their position in results is sponsored).

Email Communication

eBay is careful to protect shoppers' and sellers' privacy. Nonetheless, this can make things difficult on fledgling businesses, who want to enable shoppers to reach them, and who want a way to reach shoppers that express a clear interest in staying in touch.

Owners of eBay stores gain access to email mailing list and newsletter functionality that can be used to communicate with shoppers about new products, sales, and promotions of just the kinds outlined above.

In combination with the ability to create a bespoke store landing page, this makes eBay Stores the way to create a branded business on eBay—and branding your business is really non-negotiable if it's going to be sustainable and grow.

Reduced Fees

This one often creeps up on new sellers over time, who come to realize that they could have saved rather a lot of money on fees if they'd subscribed to eBay Stores earlier.

Be proactive about figuring out whether the fees discounts that eBay Stores sellers enjoy work out in your favor once subscription costs are taken into account.

Once you cross the line in merchandise volume, don't hesitate—there's no good reason not to own and run an eBay store if you're actually going to save money, overall, doing it.

When to Pull the Trigger

There are a scads of sellers who sell actively on eBay yet are missing the boat by not investing in an eBay store. If any of the following are true for you, consider that it may be time for you consider it:

  • You want a business with a brand, not just to "sell online"

  • You'd like to be able to drive sales by having sales

  • You're ready to build a dedicated, captive clientele

  • You'd increase your profits overall by subscribing to eBay Stores

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