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Introducing Active Inventory, Sales Predictions, and Benchmarking

By Aron Hsiao  on August 09, 2017

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Introducing Active Inventory, Sales Predictions, and Benchmarkng

Ever wonder any of the following about your products and listings?

  • How likely a product is to sell if you list it

  • How well your listings are performing, particularly if they don't yet have sales

  • How your listings perform relative to other similar listings, or the category as a whole

  • Whether your listings are more or less effective than competitors' listings

Our most recent update includes two new features that enable you to answer these questions with real-world Terapeak data.

Active Inventory

If you've linked an eBay or Shopify seller account to Terapeak, you can now see your active listings—even if they haven't yet generated any sales—along with key metrics like:

  • Impressions (search traffic)

  • Page views

  • Sales totals

  • Inventory levels (how many you still have available)

Your currently active listings and their metrics now appear in a new tab on your MySales Dashboard labeled Active Inventory. There can see your current listings and filter them by seller account, marketplaces, keyword, item ID, and price.

In combination, the Active Inventory and already familiar Transactions tabs on your dashboard give you clear analytics about the sales you've made in the past and of your current listing and selling activity as well.

Sales Predictions

Also now shown on your Active Inventory tab are two new columns of Terapeak data labeled Sales Predictions and Category Average. These metrics tell you two key things about your current listings:

  • In the Sales Prediction column, the probability that a listing title and price will generate a sale on over the next 30 days when listed in the relevant category

  • In the Category Average column, the overall probability that any listing in the same category will generate a sale on over the next 30 days

These numbers give you key information about your current product and sales strategies:

  • How likely you are to see a sale from any of your current listings on

  • How likely you would be to see a sale on of items in your Shopify inventory, if you were to list them on

  • Whether your product, listing title, and price will make a sale more or less likely than it is for other sellers in your category

  • Whether it's worth your time to sell a particular product or in a particular category on at all

On your dashboard, you'll also now see a Single Prediction tab where you can quickly test and receive sales predictions for titles and prices that you haven't listed yet.

Use the Single Prediction tab to test products for sales potential before you list them, and as an interactive tool to optimize your titles and prices for the best possible sale likelihood.


With our new benchmarking workflows, you can go a step further than comparing the potential of your listing against category averages—you can compare the performance of your eBay listings against competing listings, side by side.

Click on the binoculars icon to benchmark one of your active listings against the competition.

In the far-right column of your Active Inventory tab, for each of your listings, you'll see an icon that looks like a pair of binoculars. Click on this to benchmark your listing against other listings that compete with it.

When you click the icon:

  • You are redirected to Product Research 2.0.

  • The title of your listing is automatically used to generate search results.

  • You can adjust your search keywords and filters to show only the competitors and competing listings you're interested in.

  • Your listing and key sales and performance metrics are shown alongside to search results from competing sellers as you scroll through them.

  • You can save your benchmark search and return to it, with your related inventory listing at the top of results, at any time.

Now in Product Research 2.0 you can also benchmark your own sales of one or many products against eBay sales for any search. Simply run a Product Research 2.0 search, then select one of your own seller accounts using the Benchmark my sales drop-down list.

You'll see metrics for the eBay transactions that match your search in black, and below them in green you'll see metrics for your own matching sales. This makes it easy to see how your strategies and performance for one or many products compare to the competition.

Better Decisions, Sales Predictions, and Competitive Insights

Together, our Sales Predictions tab, new benchmarking workflow, Sellers tab, and Top Sellers Market Share and Inventory Ideas features make it easier than ever before to:

  • Make good product and listing strategy choices

  • Project your own products' sales performance

  • Evaluate your key competitors, their products, and strategies

  • Know how much of the market they control

  • Understand whether you're outperforming or underperforming your competition and your niche overall

We encourage all of our users to log in and try all of these features today!

Research a full year of online sales in detail for any product or keyword—average prices, competition levels, top listings, and more. Try Terapeak Research today!

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