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Five Ways Terapeak Can Help You Start Selling

By Aron Hsiao  on August 02, 2017

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If you're a new, aspiring online seller, the mass of helpful information out there can be a bit overwhelming. There's a lot of jargon, and there's a lot to learn. It can sometimes feel like drinking from a firehose.

Are there any tools that can help you in plain language, with obvious tasks, to start your career as a seller? Yes—and Terapeak is one of the best.

Ready to pursue your passion and start selling online? Start with some basics. (Image: © Dressformer / CC-BY-SA 3.0)

For those just starting how, here are five key "first month" tasks, in plain language, that Terapeak can help you to tackle.

  1. Try out new business ideas. So you're really in love with comics-character coffee mugs. Or indoor planters made with recycled rope. Or casual shirts silkscreened with sayings from famous academics. You've thought about jumping into a business with both feet, but what if your products wouldn't sell? Would you be left with a whole bunch of sunk costs and leftover inventory? Use a free Terapeak Trial to research each of these products, and the categories you'd sell them in. How many similar products are selling? At what prices? How many other sellers are already doing the same thing? And are sales higher or lower than they were last year at this time, or two years ago? Is it a growth business? Find out.

  2. Find out what products are worth. If you're new to selling, "products" can sound fairly daunting, but you don't have to start out making import deals with Chinese manufacturers. How many items do you have in your home that aren't being used? You can use a free Terapeak trial to find out how to price each of them on eBay, so that you can clean out your closet, earn your first few hundred dollars, and get started as a seller—all at the same time. Or, take your phone and try Terapeak out at local thrift stores or surplus auctions.

  3. Understand why your first listings aren't selling. If you've listed products for sale but had no takers, Terapeak can help you to pinpoint the problem and fix it quickly. Link your eBay seller account to Terapeak and monitor how often your listings are being seen and clicked on. No views? You need to make friends with eBay's search system. Lots of views but no clicks? You may need a better image or a better title. Lots of both, but no sales? Your item description, shipping terms, and return policies may need a look.

  4. Fix the listings that need help. Of course, knowing what parts of your listings need help is only half the battle; but Terapeak can help with the other half as well. In your free trial use the SEO tool to get better keywords for your listing title to jump higher in search. Then, consult the top performing listings from other sellers that are also selling what you sell. See the strategies they used, and adopt your own versions of the same strategies.

    Our Sales Predictions tool can help you to decide how to prioritize your efforts for maximum momentum.
  5. Know how to prioritize your efforts. Use the Sales Predictions tool in your free trial to see which items on your listing are most likely to result in a sale over the next 30 days based on your product, title, category, and price. That way, you can allocate your efforts toward the most likely-to-be-sold products—and building much-needed momentum and revenue as you get going. Save the less-frequently-sold products for a few months down the road, once you're more established and sales are humming along.

There are lots of other things to do as you start selling online, of course, but deciding on a business idea, selecting products and pricing them, figuring out whether your listings are working (and how to fix them if they're not), and deciding which products from your list to start with for momentum-building are amongst the most basic.

Every now and then we like to use our blog to toot our own horn, and this is one of those times. If you're thinking about finally starting your own business heading into the fall and holiday sales seasons this year, remember to get Terapeak to help you as you go—because with real-world data at your fingertips, becoming an online seller is a much more manageable project.

Research a full year of online sales in detail for any product or keyword—average prices, competition levels, top listings, and more. Try Terapeak Research today!

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