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How to Use Terapeak SEO Pro to Build Searchable Listings

By Aron Hsiao  on March 18, 2016

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How to Use Terapeak SEO Pro to Build Searchable Listings

Search engine optimization, or "SEO," is one of the keys to online sales success. This isn't just a truism; there's a direct link between the keywords you choose for your listings and product pages and the sales you'll make:

Terapeak SEO Pro enables you to optimize your product listings and pages for search engines. Here's how.
  • The right keywords mean your products turn up more often in shopper searches.

  • Being more visible in shopper searches means more shoppers can click on your products.

  • The more shoppers are able to click on your products, the more sales you can make.

Sometimes, however, finding really search-friendly combinations of keywords can feel like rocket science. Happily, Terapeak Research and SEO Pro combine to help sellers to do just this.

Here's how to use it.

SEO for a Captain America Action Figure

With Captain America: Civil War scheduled to be released in just over a month, it may soon be a good time to sell Captain America action figures. To get shoppers to your listings and product pages, you'll need great titles that eBay's search engine and Google both like.

Step 1: Enter basic keywords. Begin by opening SEO Pro and entering a few basic keywords that describe your product. In this case, "Captain America Action Figure" seems like a good place to start.

Start by entering basic keywords for your product to see suggestions and samples.

After entering your keywords and pressing the spacebar, you'll see a color-coded list of keywords appear just below your entry. Each of these terms are suggestions—related terms that may be important for your product on eBay (blue) or Google (green).

Below these suggestions you'll see how many listings were sampled, how many sellers are represented, and the average sale price of matching listings. You'll also see sample listings that match your terms, so that you know whether or not you're on the right track.

In this case, each sample listing is for just the type of action figure we're selling, so we know we're starting out well—and as we add or remove keywords, we'll continue to monitor the sample listings to be sure of it.

Step 2: Use suggested keywords by clicking on them. Add terms from the list of suggested keywords simply by clicking on green or blue boxes. Each time you click on a term, it's added to your keyword phrase.

Click on suggestions to add them to your keyword phrase. Green terms are Google favorites.

Click by click, SEO Pro automatically adds terms in the best possible order for getting your listings or product pages found. To remove a term once again, click on the minus (-) sign just to its right.

For our Captain America action figure, SEO Pro makes some important suggestions, including "Marvel" and "Avengers." Each time we click to add a term, the list of suggestions is also updated.

Step 3: Switch to the Table View when you're uncertain what to add. If you're unsure about which keywords to choose or are short on space, click on the Table View icon at the far right of the SEO Pro tool.

Switch to Table View to see how competitors are using keywords and how they affect sale prices.

After switching to Table View, you'll see the same list of suggestions, but with additional sales data for each term—the number of listings in the sample currently using the term, how the term affects average sale prices, and the high and low prices for listings that use it.

You can click to add terms in the Table View, too, and once again you'll see the list of suggested terms automatically update with each new addition.

Step 4: Copy and paste your finished keyword phrase. Once you've settled on a strong keyword phrase for your listing or page titles, click on the Copy Title to Clipboard button at the far right of the tool.

When you're done, click Copy Title to Clipboard to copy your title, then paste it as needed.

Our keyword phrase now includes the size of the action figure ("12-Inch") along with its condition ("New") and some other relevant terms (like "Hero").

After clicking on Copy Title to Clipboard, we'll be able to paste the keyword phrase into any other application—including, for example, eBay's listing form—just by choosing "Paste" from the Edit menu or by using a keyboard shortcut like Control-V (Windows) or Command-V (Mac).

Step 5: Repeat for other languages. If you sell internationally, you can also use SEO Pro to optimize search terms in other regions that Terapeak research supports. Use the Change eBay Site drop-down list at the far right of the tool to select the region and language in which you'd like to work.

Change to other eBay sites for help building keyword phrases in other languages.

By selecting "," for example, we can optimize terms for French listings and product pages. After beginning again with basic keywords, we see suggestions appropriate for French eBay or Google shoppers and can work to build a keyword phrase targeting French speakers.

Fast, Easy, and Powerful

Terapeak SEO and SEO Pro are a fast, easy, and powerful tools to optimize the terms you use on your listings and product pages—so that the largest possible number of shoppers find your products, leading to the largest possible number of sales.

Boost your placement in Google and eBay search. Drive more shoppers to your listings and earn more sales. Try Terapeak SEO Pro today!

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