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By Aron Hsiao  on October 03, 2012

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Harry Potter woof!
You're in luck if you have someone that is interested in Harry Potter, as you may have an excellent tandem costume!

Halloween is coming up, and I am sure many of you are brainstorming what you could dress up as. But have you forgotten about your pet? I think that dogs in costumes look adorable.

Costumes seem to get more elaborate and hilarious every year. Or if you are a Michael Jackson fan, you could live vicariously through your pet.

And of course, there is something for the Lion King fans...Siiiiimba!

Darth DogMichael Jackson dog costumelion-costume-for-dogs

EBay has a number of dog costumes to choose from. Have a look here, and pick yours out soon, as otherwise you may have to wait until next year. Are you dressing up your dogs? Share pictures! We'll do the same!

Dog Costume with wings

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