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The Sunbeam Coney Island Steamer

By Aron Hsiao  on July 17, 2012

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Some of you may have already seen the post on the Terapeak Facebook page about  the latest addition to Terapeak's Canadian office - The Coney Island Steamer from Sunbeam. The acquisition came after discovering this product over in the eBay Underground Forums after a member found one on the cheap at a thrift store and flipped it on eBay for big dollars. Market research from Terapeak shows units complete with the box being worth around $45 with a 100% sell-thru rate. If you just have the device and no box the steamer goes for an average of $33 and maintains its 100% sell-thru rate. In my research I found a new-in-box (with the original price tag of $2.99 still on the box) unit that sold for $84 and had 13 bids placed for it. My advice, if you spot one of these at a thrift store or garage sale snap it up as these things are an easy sale.

Now I personally like this device because it can steam two hot dogs and two buns in 5 minutes with almost no cleanup. I like to enjoy some franks with mustard from time to time but I don't enjoy having to use big pots and wait for the water to boil. The Coney Island Steamer uses one ounce of water and the five minutes to make the two dogs includes the time for it to warm up. My personal technique has been to put two dogs in the steamer and steam one bun between minute 3 and 4 and the second bun between minute 4 and 5. I would highly recommend this device to anyone who enjoys hot dogs, convenience and small single use appliances. Check out the video below to see the device in action courtesy of user "pinkfloydeffect" on YouTube.

If you want to buy your own Sunbeam Coney Island Steamer head over to eBay and score your own! If you want to make more money selling vintage kitchen appliances and anything else on eBay sign up for a free 7-day trial of Terapeak today!

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