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Terapeakers Make More Money! Part 6

By Aron Hsiao  on March 01, 2012

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Welcome to March everybody! The sun is shining at Terapeak headquarters in beautiful Victoria, BC. I hope spring has arrived or is well on its way for all of our wonderful readers. Terapeaker Gail G. emailed in with a score she would have missed if Terapeak hadn’t swooped in to save the day. When thrift shopping with her husband she saw a plush cat toy named Carmichael. Further investigation of the packaging revealed it was an Avon collectible from 1984 and it included the original box and a new unopened calendar for 1985. She hesitated to purchase it but got her husband to research the item on Terapeak. Dirt Road Goods Logo “While thrift store shopping I almost walked out the store when I saw a plush cat named Carmichael in a box. Further investigation revealed it was an Avon collectible from 1984, complete with rolled up new 1985 calendar. I went out to the car and asked my husband if I should buy it. He looked it up on his phone and said, "Buy it!" We saw the last Carmichael had gone for 70 dollars, minus the box and calendar. I made my purchase for 2 dollars, listed him for 100 dollars starting bid and 150 dollars buy it now, and was thrilled when it sold for 150 dollars! I plan to open my ebay store soon and Terapeak will continue to help my business grow.” Buying something for $2 and selling it on eBay for $150 was a dream come true for Gail. Terapeak helped make this dream come true by empowering Gail with the information she needed to make informed buying decisions and ultimately make more money! You can check out Gail on eBay at Dirt Road Goods and all the great stuff she has for sale. Keep the stories coming - email them to

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