Measure your sales performance.

See all of your sales activity in one place. Then, use powerful analytics and charting tools to study your business, make period-over-period comparisons, and spot areas for improvement. Find out which of your products are doing well and which are in need of new sales strategies.

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Monitor your entire business in one place.

Track the performance for all of your seller accounts—including metrics like revenue, sales, and average selling prices—all from one powerful dashboard.

Break down hard data to find areas for improvement.

Measure your activity for each marketplace, seller account, and product category. See concise summaries, know whether sales are trending upward or downward over time, and make period-over-period comparisons.

Zero in on the metrics that affect you.

Choose which data to focus on, then automatically generate easy-to-read, zoomable charts that show you where you’re succeeding and where there are opportunities for growth.

Recognize winners, losers, and optimization targets.

Go through your listings and their performance indicators one-by-one. Know which products are performing well, which are seeing little interest, and which are good targets for improved search optimization, lowered prices, or other improvement strategies.

Imogene Armstrong
“I teach people how to use eBay and how to sell for the first time. I recommend Terapeak to everyone I train.”
Imogene Armstrong, Bag Lady Auctions
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