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Kathleen Manning

I love being able to represent eBay activity in a visual way. The color coded categories in the Heat Map allow me to quickly assess which parts of the marketplace are HOT. I don’t list anything without researching it.

— Kathleen Manning

Take your profits to the next level today

with right-sized choices for any business.


$7.49/mo. billed annually

30 days of eBay data

Find and source products

Optimize your eBay listings

90 days of eBay and Amazon history


$14.99/mo. billed annually

365 days of eBay data

In-depth marketplace research

Competitor and sourcing research

90 days of eBay and Amazon history

Improve every phase of your online selling.


See thousands of the the hottest products and categories on eBay right now, or see how well products and keywords of your own choosing are currently selling, to identify the best opportunities to sell.

Identify new selling opportunities

by seeing the hottest eBay products and searches


Get real-world numbers and powerful sales projections for the opportunities you’ve found. Decide what to sell, in what quantities, and at what prices—to maximize returns and to minimize costs and risks.

Study actual sales statistics

over time and project your revenue and profitability







month trends
data points


Learn from successful sellers by seeing who else sells what you do, how well they’re currently performing, and what strategies they adopt. Score your listings according to key critieria, then optimize them for increased sales.


from competitors


your selling activity


your listing strategies

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