"solitude" Swan Photo By Guy Gillette Signed

"solitude" Swan Photo By Guy Gillette Signed
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solitude swan photo by guy gillette signed solitude is an original dye-transfer photographic print of the mute swan. In this print the swans legendary serenity remains unruffled as winter turns his word to icy crystal. The print is signed by the artist photographer guy gillette on the front.

The print has been prepared by hand using seven colors laid down individually on quality paper. The size is 22 inches wide by 17 inches tall. Condition: used.

Frame has some scuffs in the wood. The back paper has some discoloration. The paper is loose at the top.

The certificate of authenticity is on the back issued by the national audubon society. It states that this print was produced to the photographers own specifications and has been personally inspected and hand signed by mr. Gillette.

This print has been issued in strictly limited edition by the national audubon society. This print

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