What is Terapeak?

Terapeak helps you price your items for top market value


Price to your Top Potential:

  • Enter the market at the right price
  • Make the most of your inventory by understanding buyer trends
  • See if your competition's prices end in sales
  • Always know what to spend on new inventory

Terapeak gives you an advantage that other sellers don't have - it lets you look behind the curtain on what is really happening on eBay. Using comprehensive, simple-to-understand research reports, Terapeak unlocks the power of data to allow eBay sellers to make smarter decisions and become more profitable.

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When you're listing items on eBay, it's important that you understand what their current market value is. Buyers will be scared off by high prices, and if your prices are too low, your business won't grow.

Terapeak's research will provide you pricing guidance at a glance, and tell you what products have sold for historically, so that you can forecast value.

Pricing information will also help you minimize risk before you invest in inventory. Evaluating the re-sale value of an item before you purchase it can save you time & cash.


Don't miss out on profit because you're out of touch with the eBay Marketplace research.

Use Terapeak to price your items…and much more.

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