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Getting Started with Terapeak:
Product and Price Research

Brand new to Terapeak? Learn how to search and analyze any product by name, brand, color or size. Get accurate pricing data quickly by analyzing transaction activity on any item.

Terapeak for eBay — 4:52 minutes

Analyzing Your Online Competition

Identify and investigate your competition with Terapeak. Learn one way to spot your competitors and generate a report that summarizes their activity

Terapeak for eBay — 5:25 seconds

Refining a Product Search with Filters

Price your products accurately by learning how to apply category and price filters for a refined product search.

Terapeak for eBay — 4:27 seconds

Brochures & Manuals

Terapeak for Amazon.com

The competitive environment of the Amazon marketplace is unique, and sellers need a way to differentiate their business. Terapeak leads the way.

Terapeak MySales

One of the most difficult challenges of trying to measure your sales performance is attempting to get all of your information together in one place. The greatest challenge is translating that data into meaningful, actionable information.

Tips to Selling on eBay

12 eBay Top Seller Tips

Terapeak Insights is the B2B function of Terapeak. We provide online retailers with the market intelligence needed to understand and predict the future of their business.

How to Dropship on eBay

Learning to dropship on eBay is like learning to start any business – that is, there isn’t any one way to do it properly. We do, however, have a few tips that may help you along the way, as well as steps you will need to complete before beginning to dropship on eBay.

Identifying Hot eBay Categories

Find the hot eBay categories of the moment can help you take advantage of product trends and profit margins, ultimately creating a lucrative eBay business opportunity. The ability to identify and capitalize on surging trends can lead to considerable profits.