The Only Tool You Need toSell More on eBay

Take the guesswork out of selling on eBay with the leading eBay market research tool. Terapeak delivers real time eBay analytics and eBay marketplace insights to help you sell more on eBay.

Analyze eBay price trends, conduct eBay product research and discover what is selling on eBay right now.

All the eBay data you need to understand the eBay marketplace, product performance, and consumer and competitor behavior is at your fingertips.

eBay Price Trends

Assess what your items are worth and determine your profit potential before you invest. Research sales history on eBay going back to as many as 365 days to establish eBay price trends.

eBay Pricing Recommendations

Research eBay data and view open and closed eBay listings. See the average price of any item on eBay. Sort by Start Price, End Price, or Sell-Through rate.

eBay Listing Suggestions

Use top performance indicators to know when to sell and which eBay keywords offer the most return. The eBay keyword tool helps to ensure your customers can easily find you.

What’s Hot on eBay

See what the hottest eBay products are. Understand the demand for the top selling items on eBay period over period.

eBay Product Research

Know which products and eBay listings are resulting in sales and view the eBay statistics that define their success rate.

eBay Seller Tools

Stay ahead of your competition. Use eBay analytics to get a statistical breakdown of the performance and listing strategies of top eBay sellers over the past 365 days.

View the Best Sellers on eBay

See your competitor’s eBay listings to identify the product lines and strategies that have been successful for them.

Best eBay Seller Research

Examine every choice a competitor has made and what the outcomes of these strategies have been in terms of pricing, eBay keywords, listing upgrades, best selling items on eBay and more.

eBay Listing Optimization

The Title Builder research tool guides you to select effective eBay keywords, and to build effective titles using a smart-search algorithm that reveals the hottest eBay keywords associated with your item.

eBay Keyword Recommendations

Know the keywords most commonly associated with the ones that you supply across the entire eBay marketplace. Ensure you’re using critical eBay keywords that drive sales by speaking the same language your buyers do.

eBay Product Research

Compare how frequently keywords appear on eBay, how they correlate to average selling prices, and the top prices associated with each keyword you’re preparing to use.

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Glen Scott


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eBay Research and eBay Data

Use eBay Analytics Tools to Research the eBay Marketplace

Terapeak is the leading eBay analytics software company. Our eBay market research tool delivers the eBay data you need to make the most informed business decisions. Quality market research means more profitable transactions for you.

Take the guess work out of selling on eBay! Market demand doesn’t have to be a mystery. Access the information you need on the eBay marketplace with Terapeak’s eBay research tools. Gather and analyze the eBay data required to make the decisions that will deliver the highest returns on your sales.

Terapeak’s eBay analysis software provides invaluable information for eBay sellers like you. Deep dive into eBay price trends, eBay marketplace insights, eBay keywords, eBay product research, eBay analytics and much more.

Use eBay data to understand current product performance and the behavior of both your customers and your competitors.

eBay Research: What to Sell?

Knowing what to sell on eBay and for how much can be a challenge. Terapeak’s eBay analytics will show you what the best selling products on eBay are and what your items are worth.

Like any market, eBay is subject to the laws of supply and demand. Knowing what people are looking for and its availability, is key to determining what you should sell right now, what you should hold on to, and what’s the best return on your investments in the current marketplace.

eBay Research: An Informed Decision is the Best Decision

With online sales, the world is your oyster. You have the means to literally reach billions of customers. The potential for profits are huge, and are increased by how much you understand the eBay marketplace.

Terapeak’s eBay research and eBay data tools provides you with the knowledge and confidence required to make informed decisions about your business.