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Use Terapeak's Amazon seller tool to discover the best items to sell online, and get insights into the Amazon marketplace that can put you miles ahead of your competition.

Terapeak's Amazon Seller Tool
Amazon Seller Tool
Amazon Seller Tool

Terapeak for Amazon helps you to determine what the best items to sell on Amazon are. Learn how to list and price your merchandise from the best sellers on Amazon for quick sales and maximum profit.

Product Condition Breakdown And Overview On The Most Popular Items On Amazon

Product condition breakdown and overview on the most popular items on Amazon

Drill Deeper With Product Specific Filters

Drill deeper with product specific filters

Save Your Searches And Receive Email Alerts Based On Your Preferences

Save your searches and receive email alerts based on your preferences

Number Of Offers And Merchants That Are Competing For The Product

Number of offers and merchants that are competing for the product

Summary Of Product Details Including Buy Box Price, Buy Box Seller And Product Rating

Summary of product details including buy box price, buy box seller and product rating

Search Historical Offers Up To 365 Days

Search historical offers up to 365 days

You can search and analyze the best selling products on Amazon even if you don't have a Professional Merchant Account. Use the premier Amazon seller tool to research the best items to sell online in any category.

Be Informed. Be Confident. Be Profitable.

Sell It on Amazon
Amazon is one of the largest platforms for selling online, and Terapeak, offers exclusive Amazon statistics and marketplace research that give you insight into the Amazon marketplace. We excavate key features like the Buy Box, sales rank, and Amazon Prime offers and make the data available to you with a click. Our goal is to help online sellers to understand and navigate the Amazon and ecommerce landscapes.

The Research You Need
If you want to be successful in online sales, marketplace research is a must. Our market research solutions for Amazon sellers illuminate current Amazon trends and show how historical trends have shaped them. With Terapeak, you’ll find data-driven ways to identify the best-selling products on Amazon and to price your items competitively.

The Right Seller Tools
Our Amazon seller tools are designed to make it as easy as possible to sell on Amazon. You’ll understand price points, evaluate product performance, and assess your competition in seconds. Terapeak’s tools are designed to give you deeper insights than ever before into the and ecommerce marketplace. Our tools are also fast and flexible—drill up, down, or drill across; whatever your needs, you’ll quickly find the information you need.