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Get access to 365 days of real-world sales data for eBay goods, along with sourcing and research for Alibaba products. Analyze markets, categories, competition, hot trends, and products to find the best selling items on eBay—then source them seamlessly at wholesale prices.

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Search through and chart millions of transactions.

Only Terapeak gives you easy access to millions of transactions and billions of dollars in e-commerce activity. Search by keyword or product, targeting your search with powerful filters to get data on the parts of the market that matter for you.

Get clear, easy-to-understand statistics.

See simple, direct figures like average prices, sales totals, number sold, typical shipping costs, top sales regions, and more for each search that you run. Study detailed breakdowns showing when products sold and where, plus which strategies were used to get shoppers to buy.

Spot and analyze market trends.

Plot the results of your searches as trend charts, showing how prices, sales volume, product availability, and shopper engagement trend over time—either recently or in previous selling seasons. Then, use this knowledge to help you to understand how to stay ahead of changes in supply and demand.

Know which kinds of products are driving sales.

Browse through complete breakdowns of category performance and sales. Identify the product categories that are seeing high levels of activity and those that are slower niches.

Study the top performers in each category.

With a click, sort through sales transactions in particular product categories to see which products are the most valuable, or which are generating the highest sales volume—so that you can learn from top-performers and plan your inventory and listings accordingly.

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Leah Moore
“Demand in our market is very seasonal, and Terapeak helps us observe large scale changes in sales trends.”
Leah Moore, WatchWarehouse

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