Your Sales Data and Real-Time eBay and Amazon Analytics, in a Single View

MySales is a free, eBay and Amazon seller tool that every online merchant should have in their sales tool box. You can also have eBay and Amazon analytics delivered to you.

Analyzing and measuring your sales performance has never been easier!

MySales automatically captures all of your sales data and displays your sales activity in a single, comprehensive dashboard. No more tedious analysis using spreadsheets.

  • Magento
  • eBay

Link all of your merchant accounts to generate insightful reports into your sales and market activity. Have real-time eBay and Amazon analytics delivered to you, based on your search inquiries and preferences. Receive newsfeeds and market alerts in the categories you’re interested in, and keep a steady pulse on your position in the eBay and Amazon marketplace.

Analyze and measure your sales automatically in one or multiple channels.

Receive realtime marketplace data from eBay and Amazon market intelligence alerts based on your search preferences.

View and analyze traffic data: see how many times a prospect has viewed your items

See your hottest selling products week to week, month to month or year to year

Annotate data points to see which decisions and campaigns have the greatest ROI

Leverage your business data to measure and grow your sales.

Be Informed. Be Confident. Be Profitable.