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Monitor, analyze, and improve your sales on eBay and Amazon. Source hot products at wholesale prices, perfect your strategy and listings, and automatically chart your sales, revenue, and success over time.

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Browse through tens of thousands of the the hottest products on eBay in 2015. See how well they sell and at what prices—then source your selections on Alibaba with a click.

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See how you fare in eBay search, know how many shoppers view your listings, and track how much you sell with powerful eBay and Amazon analytics. Plot averages, trends, and totals—and tally across accounts and categories.

Total Revenue 105.43%
Average Daily Selling Price 56.62%

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The online sales landscape is constantly evolving in ways that affect your bottom line. MySales tracks your business day-by-day, giving you the flexibility to zero in on key indicators—so that you’re ahead of opportunities, not behind the curve.

Kathleen Manning

I love being able to represent eBay activity in a visual way. The color coded categories in the Heat Map allow me to quickly assess which parts of the marketplace are HOT. I don’t list anything without researching it.

— Kathleen Manning

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