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Terapeak MySales

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MySales is Terapeak’s free tool for monitoring, analyzing, and improving your own selling on eBay and Amazon. Link your channels, then easily chart and summarize your sales, revenue, and activity across marketplaces.

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MySales provides powerful sales tracking and analytics for your most important selling channels

Monitoring and improving your own selling performance has never been easier!

MySales automatically captures all of your sales data and displays your sales activity in a single, comprehensive dashboard. No more tedious analysis using spreadsheets or complex channel tools.

Totals and Trends

See running totals of your sales and revenue, channel by channel or across your entire business at once. See increases and decreases over time clearly with easy-to-read charts.

Period Over Period

Compare current sales trends to previous periods to see how your business is growing. Annotate your charts with key decisions and events to see how they affect sales.

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to succeed in e-commerce.

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