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How to Study Competitor Products, Product Potential, and Listing Strategies with Terapeak

To sell profitably online, you'll need to know what your competition sells, how competitive sales for these products are, what share of the market is owned by top sellers, and which listing strategies have proven effective. This tutorial shows you how to use Terapeak to research a particular competitor's products, as well as the competitive landscape and top sellers for each product. You'll learn to: Study the competitive landscape for any product See detailed sales data...
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Posted on January 06, 2017 in How-To Articles

Last-Moment Holiday Business Tips for Online Sellers

For buyers, the holiday shopping season is reaching the "nearly done" stage, which means that in many cases sellers are already mentally beginning to move on and plan for the next season or the next big thing—as well as for a few days' respite once the holiday shopping is all done. The clock is beginning to run out on this selling season, but there's still time remaining—and things to do to make the most of it. (Image: © Jenmax / Dreamstime) Here are...
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Posted on December 06, 2016 in eBay Radio,How-To Articles

Six Ways to Extend Holiday Success by Planning for January Sales

With the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush just days away, it might seem a bit early to talk about what happens after the holiday selling season, but for astute sellers, this is a good time to think ahead and begin to plan for a strong January. Many less experienced sellers do the opposite, planning only as far as the end of the year and then, with a big exhale, effectively sitting on their haunches for a month or two. As soon as gifts are exchanged, accessories for...
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Posted on November 14, 2016 in eBay Radio,How-To Articles

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