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How to Find New Product Ideas, Then Research Their Competitive Landscape

By Aron Hsiao  on January 10, 2017

Many new sellers need a simple workflow to help them to:

  • Find ideas for products that are selling well

  • Measure the competition levels that exist for them

  • Identify the best strategies for selling them

Our Category Research tool offers one of the simplest workflows to generate new product ideas, research the their competitive potential, and study the best listing strategies for them. Here it is.

  1. Start the Category Research tool. Log into Terapeak, then select "Category Research" from the Research menu to start the Category Research tool.


  2. Browse through the list of categories in your niche. When the tool opens, browse through the list of eBay categories. Click on categories in your niche to drill into them. Continue to select narrower and narrow categories until research data begins to appear.


  3. In a bottom-level category, select the best-selling titles view. Click on the icon for the best-selling titles view (it looks like a pencil) to see the top performing listings in the category.


  4. Sort the list by Total Sales, Total Listings, or Total Bids. Click on any column header, then pause, then click on it again to sort the list of items in the category. Click "Total Sales" to see the top listings by sales volume, "Total Listings" to see products for which there are the most listings, or "Total Bids" to see the listings with the most bidding activity.


  5. Identify products you might be interested in carrying. Survey the listings you're shown. These are the top-performing listings for the metric you've selected. For example, if you chose to sort by Total Sales, you'll see the listings with the most sales volume first. Identify a product you might be interested in carrying.


  6. Hover over an item, then opt to research other sellers who sell it. Hover over your product of interest. When the pop-up menu appears, select "Research sellers who sold items like this" to study how much competition exists on eBay and how dominant this competition is. (You can also simply click on the listing title to view the listing directly and study the listing strategies it employs.)


  7. Survey the competition and do further research. You'll be shown a list of the top sellers by rank who sold this item, along with sales data for each of them. Use our previous tutorial on competition research to see how much of the marketplace for this product each seller commands. Remember that you can "tweak" the product name in the search box to expand or narrow the product(s) included and seller(s) shown.


Using this method, you'll be able to quickly identify the top-selling products in any category in your niche using any one of several metrics, see how intense competition to sell this product is, and how much of the market has already been cornered by its top sellers.

Pair the names of products you've discovered with our Product Research tool to expand your understanding of its potential, including average prices, seasonal trends over the past year, international opportunities, best listing practices, and more.

Research a full year of online sales in detail for any product or keyword—average prices, sell-through rates, top listings, and more. Try Terapeak Professional today!

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