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Is Terapeak a Scam?(Or, How to Try Terapeak Yourself Without Spending a Cent)

By Aron Hsiao  on March 22, 2013

Okay, this is a bit of a sensitive topic for us. Our many thousands of happy subscribers know that Terapeak is an indispensable tool for eBay sellers. At the same time, it's come to our attention that a few who haven't tried us yet are wondering whether or not we're for real—whether or not, in other words, Terapeak is a scam. Since we're proud of what we offer to our customers, here's some straight talk. We're no scam. We're a subscription service that:

  • Gives subscribers to access to the previous full year of eBay listings, as opposed to the 90 days of listings that can be accessed on
  • Enables our subscribers to see these listings in relation to sellers, listing strategies, top keywords, and other key data.
  • Tabulates sell-through rates, average selling prices, listing volume, and other details for any search our users care to run.
  • Collects long-term performance trends for every eBay category, showing what's hot and what's not on an ongoing basis.
  • Dynamically creates charts and graphs for subscribers based on all of this data and the searches that they run.
  • Tells our users what's selling on eBay, what it's selling for, by whom, in what ways, for how long, and using what keywords.
  • In the words of Krisztian Panczel of Cheap Sheds, turns the eBay marketplace into "an open book" for serious sellers.

We partner with eBay to obtain and maintain this data, and we provide it—and tools for analyzing it—to our customers for a small monthly fee. Our users tell us that what we offer is of tremendous value to their businesses, and that makes us—and them—happy!

What You'll See as a Terapeak Subscriber

Terapeak offers powerful search tools, lists, charts, and graphs that help you to understand everything that's happened on eBay over the last year and that's happening on eBay in the present, at levels of detail that you choose, in ways that you choose, so that you can make the informed choices that matter for your business. Here are a few of the things that you'll see as a Terapeak subscriber.

  • Stats summaries on sellers that compete with you—including key statistics and their overall selling strategies.
  • Lists of the top sellers for any search, any product, or any category, along with access to their summary data.
  • Any eBay listings that you care to search for that have appeared on eBay during the previous year.
  • Long-term graphs of average selling prices, sell-through rates, listing volume, and more for any search, item, category, or seller, with time frames selected by you.
  • Indicators that tell you which categories and subcategories are hot right now on eBay, just how hot they are, and which items are driving the gains.

If you're an eBay seller, or even if you've merely thought about becoming an eBay seller, you can probably see how useful this kind of data can be for making product development, sourcing, marketing, strategy, and listing decisions.

How to Test Terapeak and Make Your Own Decision

But here's the thing—we don't want you to take our word for any of this. We want you to find out whether Terapeak is a scam or not for yourself. We'll help you to do it, and we won't charge you a thing. Here's how to begin.

  • Visit our free trial page and take advantage of the seven days of free access that we offer to all first-time subscribers.
  • After completing your trial registration, log into Terapeak and use the prominently-placed search box to run a search on any eBay keyword that you rely on for your listings. Be sure to adjust the date range (just to the right of the search box) if you want to see older listings.
  • Note the data that you see right away, in your first minute of use, at the top of search results: average selling prices, average shipping prices, average listing start prices, total number of listings, and sell-through rates for the keyword and date range you've selected.
  • In the blue "Views" bar, click on the icon that looks like a person's silhouette to see the top sellers for the keyword that you entered over the time range that you selected, including stats like their total sales, total number of listings, total number of items sold, and average selling price.
  • Hover over any of the sellers in the list and choose "Research this seller's top titles" to get a list of the items from which the seller is making most of their profit and see the actual listings that they created.
  • Now that you've experienced just one Terapeak search and seen what it can do for you, take some time to explore our other tools—things like competitor research, category research, hot trends research, and our title builder, which helps you to create the most findable listings for your customers as they search eBay.

If, after all of this, you decide that Terapeak isn't for you, click on your email address at the upper-right of any Terapeak tool page and cancel your trial or subscription, at no cost to you and with no further obligation.

Let Us Know What You Think!

If for some reason your trial doesn't convince you of Terapeak's value, contact us and let us know how we can impress you. We're always doing our best to impress, and we'd love to have your feedback!

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