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Don't trust bank investments? Look into Apple…

By Terapeak  on August 13, 2012

With interest rates for savings accounts at record lows there is not a lot of incentive to squirrel money away. What other options do you have? Well,  how about hoarding Apple products for several years and selling them for many times their original price? Competitor research from Terapeak reveals eBay seller samsonbible seems to have built quite a business around selling new-in-box Apple products from yesteryear. Last year they sold $155,834 worth of goods on eBay.  Currently listed is a first generation 8GB iPhone from  June 2007, with a buy-it-now price of $10,000 - that’s a 2,500% markup over the original retail price of $399.99.You certainly won’t be seeing rates like that in your savings account! This same seller also sold a white 20GB 4th generation iPod classic and a 30GB U2 edition iPod classic in a bundled listing for $40,000! That’s a 6,250% return on investment over the 8 years since those products came out in 2004 - you certainly won’t find an investment with a return like that at your local bank.  They've also sold many other “vintage” Apple products at huge markups so it looks like he or she may be on to something...

To  put it into even more perspective, if samsonbible had purchased Apple shares instead of the two iPods back in 2004 he would have only seen a 2,533% increase in his investment, much less than what he got on the two iPods. Back in 2004 I am sure very few people would have predicted Apple shares to have gone up 2,500% and I am sure even less people would have thought the value of those two iPods released in 2004 would have gone up 6,250%! Another seller by the name of phsledge also is getting in on the vintage Apple action with a new-in-box first generation iPhone of their own. This is individual has opted for auction format in listing this item and it is currently selling for $6,100 with 4 days to go and 9 bids so far. You can check out the auction action here!

So when the next hot Apple gadget hits the market, consider picking one up and safely stowing it for a few years. You can use Terapeak Value Track to monitor prices and trends, and when the time comes sell it for big money!

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