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Terapeak is attending PeSA 2012 in Australia!

By Terapeak  on April 18, 2012

Terapeak will be attending PeSA 2012 in Queensland, Australia in May. Today we have a special guest blog post from Neroli Schutt. Neroli Schutt is the event manager for the 2012 PeSA Internet Conference,  at which Terapeak CEO & President Kevin North will be presenting. His topic "The world is your market " will include insights into how to best use research to maximise opportunities in the online retail space. PeSA Internet Conference, run by the Professional ecommerce & eBay Sellers Alliance, is due to run on the Gold Coast May 30 to June 1, 2012, you can visit Terapeak there too! Why attend a conference at all? There is a clear case for working ON, not just IN your business. Taking time away from your office to listen to new ideas, construct better strategies and meet like minded people can give you renewed motivation, deliver a clearer focus and best of all, teach you practical ways to enhance your business. So once you've committed to working on your business, what else should you look for in a conference? Content is KING Who are the keynotes speakers? Do they have solid backgrounds in successful online businesses? Do the speakers offer you true HOW TOs rather than merely theoretical strategies for you to deploy immediately on your return to work? Is there a mixture of content for a broad range of business sizes? This is particularly important as, no matter what your current turnover is, some of the best learning points can be found from similar businesses of differing sizes. For example: Big business can show you how to grow and smaller businesses may be able to offer simple/cost effective solutions to universal issues. There’s over 60 content sessions at PeSA, divided into five content streams. PeSA Internet Conference is focused on practicality – the HOW to sell online, not the THEORY of selling online. The people behind Internet Conference are experienced online sellers, ensuring that all Conference content is highly relevant to those who are in the business of online retailing. Sometimes, it's who you know... Running an online business can be isolating. The chances are that no matter what issue you've ever faced in business, someone else has been there too.  Meeting like minded people not only gives you a chance to connect, but also sharing hints and build relationships that give you a place to turn when future issues arise. PeSA expects over 600 delegates in 2012. We have learned that delegates ask for more opportunities to network with fellow attendees. PeSA Internet Conference 2012 has three dedicated social networking events in its 2 and a half day program, plus the chance to network at every break. For more info about PeSA Internet Conference 2012 check out the speaker profiles and the conference agenda!

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